Saturday, December 8, 2007

Mr. M

Dedicated to Jacqui ;)

Well, lets see. I didn't know Mr. M before. It wasn't a love story or a long term relationship. It wasn't a family relation as well. I just knew his aunts, lets say she was a friend of the family, who knew me & always liked me so much. Mr. M was always dear to her heart. He wanted to get married & what he wished for in a wife was all in me .. so she told him about me.

He trusted her talk .. She swore we're a match!

He then came to me to at work. of course I was clueless .. He acted like a client & asked me many questions concerning my work. I was working really hard at the time & I tried to help him as much as I can. Now, when I think about it .. it feels stupid! I really thought that he was serious.

The funny thing is, as he was preparing to leave, He said: Do you need anything??

I didn't reply .. I was like: what?!

He liked me & asked his mom to ask for my hand. His mom called mine. Then the regular thing started .. My family asked about him, his personality, his reputation. They simply liked him.

It was last summer, 10 days before my vacation .. My mom asked to talk to me .. a serious talk & it was "Theres a man asking for your hand. His name is M. He's one year older. He's studying & will be graduating in January. He's an only boy with 4 sisters. bla bla bla ........ Would you care to see him?"

I asked her to give me sometime to think about it. It took me few days to think if I would consider him. Then I realized .. What the heck .. he could be the one. I said Ok.

We set a date so he'll come & I'd meet him. I didn't know of course at first that it was him the same guy at work. At my work I see tons of faces everyday & I cannot concentrate on each one of them.

He was still a mystery man to me.

The first time I saw him. I was thinking in my head " Do we match?"

He came smelling so delicious & looking so neat. He a good looking guy. very masculine. he's an athlete. tall. very well spoken & confident. From the first minute, he was very honest, open & direct. I couldn't notice that he was nervous at all. I was!

To me, it was terrible. I couldn't say a word. I was just trying to listen & absorb whatever he was saying. I felt that He could be the man I live with for the rest of my life. I can see that he is very ambitious & smart. I like that in a man.

After few times of sitting together, discussing the main matters in a couples life, I had to decide. Yes or No?

It was the hardest decision I had to take in my entire life. I prayed so much & I thought alot .. In 20 years .. Do I see myself growing old with him?

I wanted to take forever to give an answer .. but I had to do it eventually. I couldn't postpone anymore. Both my heart & mind said YES!

As I got to know Mr. M more & more everyday .. I'm falling hard for him. I never imagined that one can fall in love in few days!

Its really wonderful to realize that you took the right choice. Now when we speak, we always wonder how come we fell in love in such a short term. I feel like I've known him forever .. He is the only one I feel completely myself around. I can say anything .. I can do silly things .. & never feel weird!

I love the way he makes me smile .. I love the feeling of my hands in his. Mine looks so tiny next to his Mashallah! I love when he hugs me .. Its the safest feeling in the world. It feels like a baby between his mom's arms. He's so smart .. He knows just the right things to say. He can make me laugh. He makes me feel more beautiful everyday. With him, I feel like I'm the only girl in his eyes .. He knows how to let me melt by his words. He's simply amazing.

Love is the most beautiful feeling anyone can experience .. specially when its with the right person .. My Mr. M.

I love you!

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Saturday, December 1, 2007

I'm back! [Part II ]

Back to [Part II ].

Well .. as soon as I arrived home, I started getting into my gown with the help of my mom & sister. I started putting on body lotion, scents & scented powder & stuff .. At the end .. I felt SO beautiful!
Finally .. I could enjoy the day & I forgot all the worries.
When I was done, I heard My groom entering the house, with his aunt & sister. My heart almost dropped! I was shaky & I felt like I'm gonna faint. Then, it was time for my to go down. My father & brothers were with me. I kissed them goodbye & went down the stairs.

I went down slowly .. smiling & shaking. first .. I saw the photographers .. I tried to stick my eyes on those. I saw my mom, her eyes were full of tears. My sister too. then I saw my sister in law .. thats a face I know. Then her aunt, her smile was so relieving. I turned my face & tadaaa .. There he was, my groom. His eyes was shining .. with a beautiful smile. I knew he was impressed to see me looking so different. I felt so beautiful in his eyes.

After saluting everyone, They all left to the ceremony being held in my mother in law's house & they left us alone with the photographers. I was so nervous thinking that now I'm standing by my HUSBAND. I felt so much pressure. We took many beautiful pictures. The only thing I was concentrating on was .. "Be flexible .. these photos will remain a memory forever!" .
Later, the photographers left, we were left alone. We chated for a while. My groom was so confident, relaxed, Joking & trying to break the ice. He looked so good & Smelled amazing.

Later, we left our house, his sisters has rented us a limo as a surprise gift. We jumped into the limo .. it was around 9:15 .. My groom told the driver to drive around until 10 pm, then take us to his family's house .. where the ceremony was taking place. Mr. M was so relaxed, chatting, joking & flirting. I was SO nervous. At the time I started to ignore my worries around my Mr. M & I started worrying about my entrance to the ceremony.
We arrived to the house. I took a deep breath & descended from the car. I held hands with my groom & walked up the stairs. First I entered a room to fix the way I look, my aunt and sister joined me. Then I gathered myself to do the BIG entrance. Rashid Al MAjid's song was playing. I tried to concentrate on 2 things .. Smile & Slow down!
I did it .. My entrance was perfect .. just the way I imagined it!
I looked at the faces of everyone .. everyone was happy & stunned!
I felt such a confidence boost!
It was amazing .. truely a day I'll never forget.

End of [ Part II ].

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Friday, November 30, 2007

I'm back! [Part I ]

I'm back!
I missed you all. First I just want to say .. THANK GOD everything turned to be great!
On Monday .. I woke up before 11 am .. I had a good breakfast .. cheese sandwich and some hot milk & coffee. I relaxed for a while, then I took a loooooooong Hot shower. At 1 pm, I was done & I had lunch. I wasn't able to eat much, I was so nervous .. but at least I tried. After lunch, My best friend came to pick me up. We went to the beauty salon. There, I got pampered "did my nails, some massage & stuff" & later the makeup artist arrived & started doing her job. I was so tensed & worried about the result. The makeup artist was pregnant & I think she was about to deliver. I was brave enough to trust her since I never tried her before. I was trying to calm down but I think I gave her a hard time. But come on .. its MY DAY & I really wanted to look my best! No one can blame me!
I'm not used on wearing full, over the top makeup .. so I did my best trying to make her do my face as simple & as sweet as possible!
She did everything perfectly .. until she reached the lipstick & tadaaaaaaa .. IT WAS BRIGHT RED LIPSTICK!!!!!!!
It freaked me out .. Imagine what would it do to my new man! hehehe
I stayed arguing with her that this colour will never match my sweet PEACH colour gown! It was too intense. I would wear this lipstick in another occasion .. but not in my milchiti!
Finally thank god .. we reached to a settlement & she fixed it. She used a sexy, wonderful colour. I loved the whole thing.
Then, the hair stylest started .. I did an updo with natural flowers on the side .. I wanted natural flowers so bad. I ordered them & brought them with me from a flower shop.
At the end, it all went really well :) & I looked really beautiful!
I was so happy & excited .. but late!
It was almost 8 pm & My groom was supposed to pick me up from home at 8:30. I ran into the car, mom drove me home. It was SO funny. As we were driving, we passed through my grooms car & I got under the seat so they won't see me!
I arrived home finally safe .. thank god before my groom.
End of Part I

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Saturday, November 17, 2007


Well .. lets see .. I'll be officially married in 2 days .. the day after tomorrow .. I'll be a Mrs. .. a Madame .. with a HUSBAND .. & responsibility!
This morning .. I went to the beauty salon, getting pampered for the big day .. when the lady working in the salon said joking to me: "We don't want your Husband to see anything wrong .. do we??"
That was when it hit me .. I"M GONNA HAVE A HUSBAND .. He's a man I'm attached to for the rest of my life. He will be a part of my life from now on, and I'll be a part of his!
how crazy is that.
I won't be responsible only for myself .. but for another human being!
This is scaring the hell out of me.
Am I doing the right thing?
Am I sane enough to take such a critical lifetime decision?
Can I handle it? Sometimes I can't even handle myself .. How can I handle another person?
I'm so afraid ..
Am I having cold feet? Or am I hesitating?
Does that mean anything?
I'm loosing my mind .. and theres really no time to be loosing my mind now!
I cannot stop crying!

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Friday, November 16, 2007

BIG Tuesday!

Last Tuesday .. My Mr. M's family wanted to gather for a dinner party in our house to meet the rest of the family. for a whole week, I was worried sick & freaked out .. I was supposed to meet 35 strangers who came mainly to "check me out"!!!
That was terrible. I did lots of preparations .. I reserved nail, hair & makeup appointments & I decided to wear something glamorous, sweet & sexy at the same time.
I had a cute Roberto Cavalli (kimono-like dress) .. I did my nails, hair in strands .. & I did my makeup in Mac. I had everything planned perfectly .. specially I was wearing my lucky tiger print heels hehehe they boost up my confidence anytime I need that!
The time came .. as soon as i was done working on myself, I drove back home as fast as i could (that was nuts .. I know!) & I changed & waited. I was shaking like a little chic & sweating like a pig! My hands were freezing.
I stayed up in my room .. in the dark .. gazing from the window .. waiting for them to come. They came ALL together. Almost 30 women. few minutes later, my mom called me to come down.
So far .. this was the hardest walk I had to do in my whole life. I entered .. (chan eyabeboon) this wasn't nice ( I wanted to cry) I tried to keep on a shinny smile the whole time .. I greeted everyone .. & sat calmly.
like a damn part of a decor. just smiling, answering questions briefly .. listening to stiries they'll tell me .. hearing nothing .. just looking at their mouth move .. bla bla bla bla this is all i could hear .. & noding as if I knew what they were talking about.
I was thinking .. my looks .. good? my hair .. my makeup .. MY NEW FAMILY!
GOD .. what an experience!
There was dinner prepared .. everyone was SO happy el7imdillah!
I was releived. My Mr. M's sisters were so much help. They made me relax & made things easier.
I loved them all .. but I still cannot realize the fact that this is MY NEW FAMILY!

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Sunday, November 11, 2007

El Shabka!

Another BIG day .. another victory!!!
TodaY .. I went with my mom shopping for el "shabka" .. since my future mother-in-law has asked me to choose my own "shabka". well .. checking out all the diamond is amazing! but deciding to buy one .. was freaky. I hesitated alot at first .. but check out what happened to me.

I've been checking "shabkaat for days. There were 2 that I really like .. one over at La Marquise Jewellery and the other was in AlArbash.
So .. today .. I thought I'd go check out more showrooms so I can really decide what I'm gonna get. I went to many showrooms, checked out, tried alot of sets. Finally, I decided I'll go back to AlArbash .. while we were going towards the meant showroom .. I saw another Arbash store .. We decided to check it out anyways. We sat down & asked for Emerald Sets .. (b5a6ri emerald) .. We waited for a while, until the salesman brought 6 of them. When he showed them to us .. TADAAAAAA .. there was MY SHABKA .. the one I really liked .. even looking better than ever! ;P
So I decided .. that's it .. that's the one .. I want it!
after alot of negotiations between mom & the salesman .. finally .. we reached to a settlement & VOILA .. I have a shabka now! ;)
I'm so glad I'm done with this task .. now I feel much lighter ;P

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Friday, November 9, 2007

Fitting Trip...

For the last few days & since my wedding date been set, I've been crazy worried about THE DRESS. The thing is, I bought the dress from USA where I travelled recently to get all what I need for the wedding. I left the wedding gown which they'll be shipping to me as soon as they're done with it, but I brought THE DRESS which I'll wear 9 days later for my matrimony day to do the fitting back here in Kuwait.

10 days ago I took it to a lady I heard about who fixes evening gowns & good at it. Well when i went there, she seemed really professional. Unfortunately She felt ill so she told me she won't be able to finish it as soon as I wish & sent me to Om Nbeel, a friend of her, she said she's trustworthy. So (shilt gashi) & I went to her, I tried on the dress, she checked what needed to be altered & told me not to worry. But ofcourse .. I DID!

I was worried sick all week, until yesterday .. my fitting came. I was so anxious. I couldn't sleep all week, thinking if the dress came out looking really bad .. I wouldn't wanna wear it. How will I find a new dress in 10 days!!!! I mean it's the most important day of my life!!!!

Anyways, So yesturday, .. the fitting appointment came & I went to Om Nbeel. I tried it on .. I stood in front of the mirror ..... & voilaaaaaa


GOD I'm so releieved. Worrying about evey little, tiny, silly thing is killing me .. I neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed a good night sleeeep Ppl!

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